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Cars are available in the range indicated on the web site www.just-auto.cz


Security deposit: starting from 200,00 Euro or 5000 CZK

Exact prices can be found on the web site http://just-auto.cz/, by selecting specific dates and car.

Required documents:

Using of a car is possible by anyone who has reached the age of 20 years and has minimum 2 years driving experience. In order to confirm the booking of the car, you need to send a photo of 2 documents: ID card (or passport) and driver's license, also please send the address of residence. In addition, send us the contact phone number that you will use on the trip.

Limitations of mileage:

Using-limit mileage is 300 km per day. Excess is charged based on a calculation of 4 Czech crown (about 0.15 euros) per kilometer of mileage above the limit or 8 Czech crown (about 0.3 euros) for Mercedes V class and others vehicles from minibus category.

Period of usage of the car:

Is calculated from the moments of transfer of the car to the Client. The deadline expires at the same hour that the car was transferred, after the number of days of the using. The period for the return of the car expires at the same time as the car was transferred, after the number of days of the using. For example: the car is picked-up at 8 o'clock in the morning - must be dropped-off at 8 o'clock in the morning. If the customer has delayed the drop-off of the car for more than three hours, then payment shall be subject to one day of usage. In the case of an early return, the cost of the unused rental period is not refundable.

Car usage includes:

Full car insurance*, winter / summer tires, permission for travel on toll roads in the Czech Republic, providing of child seats, car delivery in the territory of Prague and to the airport.


The car is provided with a full tank of fuel. The car works on gasoline fuel, and is refueled with gasoline not lower than A-95 grade.


Fines for violation of traffic rules come to the address of the company that provided the car and will be sent for payment to the Client by mail, according to the car usage agreement. In case of non-payment in due time, the information is sent to the police for making decisions in accordance with the current legislation. A fine can be paid to the policeman on the spot. If you find a receipt for violation of the parking rules under the car's janitor, and nearby there is no policeman, then the fine can be paid within 10 days according to the bank details specified in the receipt or save the receipt and transfer it and the amount of the fine to us for payment.

Insurance or an emergency case:

In case of occurrence of an insured event, it is necessary to notify the insurance company on the contacts indicated in the documents on insurance in the car. It is also necessary to notify the police and a representative of our company. Necessary to issue a report on the site of the accident and hand it over to us. In the event of an accident, compensation for damage is deducted from the amount of the security deposit *.


* The cost of minor damages to the car's body (scratches, dents, traces of strikes, etc.) is refunded from the amount of the Customer's security deposit, based on the rule: 7000 CZK for one damaged body element, but not more than the amount of the deposit.

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